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Sunday, 3-Jun-2007 18:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark
my beautiful sister's wedding

her fav bear
the bedroom
the pelamin
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my sister got married last week. wasnt she gorgeous? fine, i AM bias, she is my sister, of course i think she was the most beautiful bride ever

wish i was there..

nevermind, everyone seemed very happy on that day. kak lysa was very happy indeed, i can see it on her face. who would have guessed that she was a fussy bride? believe me, she is one of the most simple person i ever known, yet for her wedding she wanted a garden theme, complete with some flowergirls, plus THAT specific shade of blue colour that she spent weeks and weeks searching in god-knows how many shops and boutique out there in kl and kuantan. seb baik jumpe.

anyway, just to let you know that she is SOO gonna kill me now for putting her pics in my fotopages hehe..

ps/ today's broadband is very good. took me less the 5secs, yup, 5 secs to upload 6 pics in this fotopages. amazing..

Sunday, 20-May-2007 18:24 Email | Share | | Bookmark
mama's trip

mama & i @ travelodge livingston, edinburgh
marble arch, london
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my mum came to visit me last month for about a week and a half. i dont like taking pictures but nevertheless i took about 30 pics of us during her trip. unfortunately, something went wrong with my camera's memory card, well my fault actually for never do any formatting. anyway, to cut the story short, they (the camera shop people) did all they can and only managed to save a mere 8 pictures and i can only put 4 pics here as the rest were pics of her lepak2 in my room with no scarf on. sigh. what to do what to do. anyway, these pics are mainly for my family back home, ie iwan, jiman and kak lysa, and meda also. to my siblings, do email me if you want the rest of pictures and i will email it to you. somehow i think they wont email me, as they've got their mum back home with them!

miss her huhu

ps// iwan, nak gambar kak lysa's wedding preparation!! kak lysa kate ko ade amik gambo b4 balik tronoh. nak semua! please please.. thank you ye. love you! good luck exam

Sunday, 21-Jan-2007 10:24 Email | Share | | Bookmark

at the airport
in front of sagrada familia with yus and ct
sagrada familia
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eeee malasnye nak update.... dek sebab ade satu permintaan tu, well satu permintaan from someone yg dah mintak bannnyyyaakkk kali, so kene aa update gak fotopages ni...aisey malasnye!

i went to barcelona on the 17th dec for 4 days and 3 nights, with ellina, ct and yus. of course i had a good time. cant think of anything else to write hahah it's sunday morning weh

amik ko..byk gile gambar.. actually ade 500+ pic, courtesy from ellina's camera, tu la byk gambar tu.

so azali, these are for you..

Thursday, 13-Apr-2006 18:31 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Newcastle Malaysian Nite...last month

me and ellina
dearie housemates
incik nadine came all over from carlisle woo
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fine FINE, i'll update this fotopage. rase malas gile. cant even bother to create the entry on the supposed date. well, last month, on the 15 of march to be precised, Newcastle Malaysian Society held its annual Malaysian Nite. i wasnt involve in anything, dasar pemalas haha and i came along with housemates, Shanti and Ellina to enjoy the performances and the food. both were not bad, i didnt have any expectation. but i really enjoyed myself later that night, when nadine got bored and decided to leave and left his ticket with a lucky draw number to me. yup...you guess it right, his number got called for 3rd place and i was the one who went to the stage to pick up the hamper. ha ha my 5 minutes fame

and yeah.. make-ups. dont even start. azuardi, yup that azuardi, once said 'fuyo..tebal gila make-up kat muka ko' when he saw my engagement pic. hello(!!). that.was.an.engagement.ceremony. MY engagement. almost everybody wears make-ups nowadays, ESPECIALLY in any special ceremony. same like this one malaysian nite. it's my damn right to wear make-ups. comments like that i regard as an insult huh and believe me you wont rest in peace for the rest of your life if you give comments like that HAHAHAHAHA
mode: evil

Sunday, 12-Mar-2006 19:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark
snow in the middle of march??

er..what happen to me??
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yup, you read it right. we have snow in newcastle right at this moment!

it's super freezing cold. i wear 3 layers of clothes right now. seriously.

so, this afternoon, 3 stooges were 'cleverly' enough to go to the park to 'enjoy' the snow haha. it was my idea actually to take some snow pics, as this year newcastle hasnt got its snow yet. i would never imagine that snow will come in the middle of march, where it is supposed to welcome spring. so here it goes. barking mad freezing cold.

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